The Stature of the Fullness of Christ

“Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ. (Eph 4:13)


In 2022, the Lord called us to the Ancient Landmark. He called us to stay and remain within the boundary and to walk within His patterns. The season realigned our focus on the core mandate of revival as a major strategic build-up towards TACEF at 30. We committed ourselves to the pursuit of the vision as articulated in Isaiah 58:12, “to rebuild, repair,
raise up and restore paths
.” We also mobilized the household for institutional revamp to support the pursuit of the vision by recalibrating how we build with a strong emphasis on creating the right spiritual atmosphere (a God-filled ambiance across our fellowships), intentional sonship (raising the next generation through consistent discipleship), stewardship /service (clear focus on deliveries, task ownership, personalized responsibilities, and accountability) and systems (structures and way of work that will outlive time).

When the Lord calls His people to stay or abide with Him or remain within a boundary, He is seeking a new level of engagement and communion. When Jesus called His disciple unto Himself, He wanted to make something out of them. He wanted to pour all of Himself into them so that they could become like Him in all things. Every call to stay leads to divine making. Every invitation to remain with the Lord produces a thoroughly furnished destiny. Every call to abide within His landmark releases a generation that carries a complete expression of the personality of Christ. Every call to abide with Jesus causes us to mature and grow up unto Him in all things and attain the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

The Rationale – A generation full of activities but with the absence of the fulness of Christ.

This urgent call to seek to measure up to the fullness of Christ has become even more critical in these last days. We live in a world full of religious and spiritual activities but empty of Christ. Few have a form; some are half-baked, while many are empty of the Lord they proclaim and profess. We live at a time when Christ is absent, even when Christianity appears to be blossoming like never before. We have more gatherings but less expression of Jesus. There is an apparent scarcity of God’s presence. It seems the full expression of Christ is blurred or fading. While we appear to be busy with several spiritual activities, there is so much emptiness of Christ in our gatherings. The accurate expression of the life of Christ is disappearing  from the lives of believers. Many lives are not measuring up in the conveyance and carriage of the essence of Christ. We lack the fullness of the stature of Christ.

  • While many are being promoted on the altar, Jesus is being demoted in the hearts of men.
  • When the church appears to be getting populated, the consciousness of heaven and eternity are disappearing in our time.
  • When we have become so loud with the use of technology and social media, the voice of Christ remains unheard in the hearts of many.
  • While everyone seems to have a platform on social media to preach, run prayer networks, and prophesy on people, the platform that expresses the fullness of Christ through genuine salvation, consecration living, and heaven-conscious  living is collapsing and disappearing in our time.

This situation calls for a new measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.

The essence – Only His fulness can bring true revival.

True revival is not about the noise or shouts. It is not about the hype and excitement. It is about “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” that is available and accessible to convict men of sin, draw men into intimate fellowship with God, break the yoke of the world, dethrone the power of hell, and prepare each believer for heaven. Every true revival is a pursuit of the fulness of Christ, when our hearts, thoughts, imaginations, lifestyles, and aspirations are full of Christ.

True revival brings the fullness of Christ into our homes, church, and society. We cannot do much with the half measure of Christ we are trading with in our generation. True revival takes us from the partial or incomplete expression of God into His full manifestation in all things. True revival changes our desire and focus on pursuing the totality of Christ – His cross, the sacrifice, and the service. True revival is about Christ increasing in all things and each of us becoming fully formed in the character and personality of Christ.

A true season revival is a season of refreshment when all we seek is that Christ be fully formed in each and all of us. It is a daily and continued pursuit. It is a sustained longing and heart cry of  “Jesus only, Jesus ever….”

The Charge – a call for the pursuit of the fulness of Christ in our hearts, local churches, and society
  • We need the fullness of Christ like never before. We cannot do much with an absent Christ. We cannot go far with a half or a quarter full life to pursue the move of God in our time.
  • We cannot amount to much with a bleak, leaking, and diminished expression of Christ.
  • We need His fullness in our hearts to fully manifest the fullness of Christ in our local church.
  • We need the fullness of Christ in our Christian walk to accelerate the work of rebuilding, repairing, raising up, and restoring paths.
  • We need the accurate measure of His fullness for Jesus to take His rightful place in our society.
  • We can only pursue true revival when each of us is filled and full of Christ – full of His nature, His person, purpose, and power.

Beloved, we cannot go far with empty and half-filled lives. It takes a life of fulness of Christ to represent Christ in the crooked and perverse generation. This generation will disregard, ridicule, and dust off any half-baked and incomplete expression of Christ. It takes lives that are full and filled with Jesus to have an overflow that can pour forth the immeasurable dimension of Christ, which will draw all men unto Christ and make the kingdom of this world to become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ.

Indeed, true revival is the pursuit of the fullness of Christ in our lives. It is time to seek “the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ”.

As we gather at the 2023 convention, we are seeking the FULNESS OF CHRIST.

As we fellowship together at this annual feat, we are seeking Christ to be fully formed in us, as we encounter the fullness of His grace, spirit, blessing, and power to become like Him in all things.

For of His fulness have we all received grace for grace!


It is now compulsory for every TACEFite who wants to go into ministry to go through a preliminary review and ongoing mentoring programme before the formal registration at the College of Theology. Those in full-time ministry must also do annual self-evaluation check-up on their service and walk with God through an annual assessment programme and accountability partners. For more details, please engage the Missionaries on The Altar (MOTA), Ven Taiwo Anjuwon 08034767720 and Ven Wale Adelani 08062484353.

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Our awesome Seed of Purpose meet every Saturday 6pm to pray, study, fellowship, learn and grow together

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TACEF has a Mothers Fellowship, a gathering of labouring intercessors who labour for this vision. You can be a part or introduce some mummies at your local fellowship. Our mothers meet quarterly for Prayer Meetings. Now operational in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo-Osun and Ondo zones with the following contacts.

  • Lagos - Sis Ronke Mafojuewo                 - 08135389464
  • Ogun - Sis Sola Adeyinka           - 08037887852
  • Oyo-Osun - Sis Tunrayo Adekoya   - 08035706803

Ondo                     - Sis Gloria Adebayo        - 08037613888

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TACEF Academy is an extension of our vision which allows the fellowship to disciple through educational outreach at family/home level. You can be a part of it as a teacher or you can promote it to your families and friends to register their wards. For more information, please engage Bro Lekan on 08068333605.

TACEF Academy Home Lesson

Why TACEF Home Lesson is the best after-school coaching service for your child

  • Your child enjoys one-on-one learning from well-trained home tutors, using over 2,000 videos on Maths, English, Science, Current Affairs etc.
  • Each teacher has a Tablet (like iPad) for visual-led teaching at every class in your house.
  • Modern learning tools are used. E.g. we bring a microscope to your home to teach topics like Cell, organism etc.
  • On-the-spot daily feedback on your child's performance via email/SMS
  • On our first engagement with your child, we conduct a competence audit and learning style assessment to determine the best approach to teach your child (i.e. audio-centric or video-centric or kinaesthetic)
  • Each class starts with 10 minutes Prayer/Bible Study. Quarterly Prayer meeting by parents/tutors is also organise to pray for all the Academy students



Call: 08160000734,  08068333605




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CCCMT are TACEF generals on the field who visit our campuses and local fellowships and also support the evangelical effort of the vision through mission outreaches to farthest places. They run on volunteers basis and if you are a true disciple of reasonable service, you can be of service as a campus visitor, trainer, intercessor and even a short-term driver. You may want to know more by engaging Bro Jide on 07033810173 or Bro Victor on 08133000372.

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You can now spend your free time, weekends, short/long holiday, pre-NYSC and even a dedicated period to serve the fellowship, either through programme planning, campus/fellowship visitation, logistics, administration, converts follow-up calls, event execution, project management and secretarial management. The ministry now runs a volunteer service model for everyone who wants to invest their spare time in the great house. You can register if interested and you will be required to attend a special TACEF Volunteers/Partners Retreat to learn what it means to serve God in TACEF, practical knowledge in leadership, ambassadorship, financial reporting, event management, planning, etiquette etc. If you are interested, engage Bro Isaiah Ajayi on Text 08030531881

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Connect with TACEFites across the world



Sundays 5pm - 6:30pm Eastern time (US and Canada).



Bro. Adeoye. +1(240) 548 8102.

Sis Funmi: +1(906) 369 4873

Zoom Meeting ID: 579 561 1873

Passcode: 97qr48




Sundays 5pm - 6:30pm

VENUE: 93 Court Street

Newark, NJ 07102.

CONTACT: Sis Lara Buraimoh - +1(862) 237 3271

ZOOM Meeting ID :  812 9079 2846

PASSWORD: 857614


Are you in the United States of America?

Join The African Church, USA


Venue: 93 Court Street

Newark, NJ 07102.

Sunday School: 9:15am - 9:55am.

Sunday Service: 10:00am -11:30am

Tuesday Bible Study: 5:30pm- 6:30pm.

Contact: Rev. Buraimoh - +1(862) 452 2713


Are you in the United Kingdom?

Join The African Church, UK

Chapel of Christ The Light, The African Church London

Zoom Meeting ID: 727 4890 5159

Password: chapel

Also join us live on Facebook: @ChapelofChristthelightAfricanChurch

Venue: Chapel of Christ the Light, The African Church UK

Forest Hill Methodist Centre, Normanton Street, Forest Hill, London SE23 2DS

Ven. Gabriel Sodeinde +447861770148

Ven.  Oyewole Ogunsanya +447536949009

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Are you a TACEF professional, a student, on NYSC or budding/aspiring entrepreneur? Are you seeking career mentoring, professional networking and business development through capacity building and experience sharing with individuals who can support your growth in godly ways? Then you need to be a part of TACEF Professionals and also become a TACEF Ambassador. Please call Bro Deola on 08136412026 for more information.



The Vision

Sustaining the fire of revival fire among TACEF professionals, NYSC and non-African Church campus alumni, for a well-rounded professional and spiritual excellence.

The Mandate

To get our brethren ready to maximize the best of God after their higher institution, while remaining relevant within the larger vision of revival in The African Church.

The intent is to raise them as army of heaven-focused, revival-driven professionals who will demonstrate excellence, leadership and maturity required to nurture the work of revival in their various assemblies and serve as worthy disciplers to the future generation of TACEFites

TACEF desire and burden is that this gathering will evolve to become;

  • An army of professionals, born again, spirit-filled and burdened to serve God's purpose in The African Church
  • A network of Kingdom-minded brethren, who are on fire for God and driving the force of revival in their homes and local churches.
  • Excellent career and entrepreneur men and women who epitomize grace, excellence, spiritual maturity and ministerial excellence as committed African Church members and vision-carrying TACEFites in their local Church, subzone and zone.

Expression of The Vision

  • TACEF Professional Fellowship (TPF): Holds online every 1st Saturday of the month on Zoom, 8am – 10am WAT.
  • To join TPF WhatsApp group, please send your name and WhatsApp number to 08028363467
  • If you are an undergraduate, you can also join the TPF Student Chapter by sending your name and WhatsApp number to 08027989737.
  • TACEF NYSC: If you are currently serving, you are expected to join the TACEF NYSC WhatsApp group by sending your name and WhatsApp number to 08028363467.
  • TACEF FRESH GRADUATES or TACEF POST-NYSC: If you completed your NYSC in the last two years, you are expected to join TACEF POST-NYSC WhatsApp group by sending your name and number to 08028363467

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