Advancing God’s Kingdom with technology


TACEF Digital Missions is an expression of the TACEF vision to leverage the possibilities of digital channels to deliver the message of salvation, revival and discipleship to many nations of the world through God-inspired, focussed and intentional approaches.
We believe that modern technologies are tools and enablers towards God’s end-time plan to have the entire world filled with the knowledge of the glory of God, even as waters cover the seas (Habakkuk 2 vs 14)


6 sub-units of TACEF Digital Missions – C.A.R.E.S - I

Creative Content Development
  • Strict management and compliance guideline of the TACEF brand template– colour schema, design template, style guide, visual identity and use of language
  • Graphics designs for all channels
  • Motiongraphics and Infographics
  • Innovation content design – backdrop, sketches, animations etc. for all the ministry’s collaterals, events and activities
  • Development of inspirational contents from Bible study, Sunday fellowship, Convention etc.
Applications, Website, Digital Education & Solution Development
  • Website design and management – consolidation of all TACEF web platforms
  • Back-end database design and integration- for event registration (e.g. the automation of convention registration)
  • Online payment solution development
  • Development of web extensions (e.g. Kiddies friendly seed of purpose website extension)
  • Games and cartoon development
  • Apps, solution design and development
  • Website efficiency – How website can be better optimised for increased traffic, easier visibility and search effectiveness.
  • TACEF Academy learning content development
  • TACEF in-house digital skills (getting all TACEFites to learn necessary skills like Excel, PowerPoint, Digital tools (Canva etc.) and Basic programming post-secondary/NYSC)
Research and Operations
  • Operational planning of TACEF weekly, monthly, quarterly digital mission
  • Development of TACEF weekly production schedule – producers, content sourcing, editing and project management of all TACEF virtual events
  • Quality Assurance and Editorial support
  • New channels development (ringtones, teleconference suites, robocall, offline Bible radios etc.)
  • Response and enquiries management across all channels
  • Statistical analysis of the group’s performance, trends and tracking of channels
  • FAQs development and enrichment
Engineering/Broadcast and Production (pre and post)
  • Broadcast/Live streaming
  • Video content production, Script writing, OAPs and broadcast master plan for all events: ministrations, introduction, hymns of the week/event, welcome session, gap fillers, announcements, closing etc.
  • Online content development
  • Management of TACEF Zoom and Home recording protocol
  • Development of new broadcast and live-streaming channels
  • Post-production of events – Sunday fellowship, Special events, Convention etc.
  • TACEF Radio and other broadcast channels – optimization of the 24 hours broadcast and content audit
  • Online Applications for content amplification – e.g. use of auto-caption of videos such that we can translate existing TACEF recordings to French, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. (VEED.IO Automatic Caption Feature,,
  • Preparation of all regular Zoom meetings and prayer sessions
  • Experimentation of new content production (Quotable quotes from past convention, Spoken words/Acapella, Music, Christian Skits, Recitation etc.)
Social Media
  • Social media policy and compliance
  • Social media management – password, governance, editorial, use of Grammarly and weekly activity schedule using social media communication planner
  • Management of all TACEF WhatsApp community and administrators for governance, activity levels, dormancy and weekly communication
  • Social media audit and recommendation for shutdown (Facebook and WhatsApp) through an extensive inventory of all the social media accounts that can be related to or associated with to TACEF/TACESF/The African Church Evangelical Fellowship/The African Church Evangelical Students’ Fellowship/TACEF Academy
  • Translating weekly event messages into daily social media
  • Promoting links to Mixlr, Zoom, YouTube link post-event using quotable quotes weekly
  • Promoting weekly Bible study content and summary as videos, audios
  • Management of TACEF Social Army who will regularly post, likes, retweet and share content via status/social media pages
  • Watchmen and women with special burden to pray for the mandate – reaching nations in the next 25 years through digital mission.
  • Intercession for open heaven unto genuine salvation, revival and discipleship
  • Weekly prophetic prayer meeting (30 minutes)
  • Monthly Prayer Altar before the Covenant Fasting and Prayer


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