Topic: The Ancient Part: Godly Kingdom In A Changing World

Message By: Bro Segun Ariyo

Message By: Bro Segun Ariyo

  • There is no grace that comes on its own.
  • Grace is the only thing that can save you from sin
  • Grace attracts grace 
  • Only grace can deliver us from sins, favour cannot.
  • Grace is God’s gift of high favour to save, mould, and help.
  • You have no business here if you were not bought from the market of sin.
  • Anyone who is a sinner is naked.
  • Grace brought Joseph to a point where Potiphar gave him all he had.
  • Everywhere you see grace, it conquers sin.
  • Leadership is about managing God’s own people/Estate
  • Do not use the advantage you have as a leader to swindle people.
  • God has left all in your hands
  • Nothing in my hand is mine
  • The fact that Potiphar left everything in Joseph’s hands did not mean those things belonged to him (Joseph).
  • Potiphar became poor for Joseph to become rich
  • Jesus humbled  Himself before God to the point of death
  • God can joke with anything, He won’t joke with His church
  • Do not take laws into your hands because you are a leader 
  • If God gives you authority and access to His properties (Church, People, power), know that He has not closed His eyes. Don’t abuse or misuse them.
  • Use power as directed by God
  • Men cannot represent God properly these days because they lack integrity
  • God is in search of men who would not take advantage of the opportunities He has given them.
  • Men who have visions do not bow to pressure
  • Three things that helped Joseph: a) He remained a property of Potiphar
  • b) Potiphar never begged Joseph once before accessing them
  • c) Joseph never lost his sense that those things belonged to him.
  • Those who eat the altar don’t last
  • Don’t allow God to beg you to have access to what He has committed in your hand, otherwise, God will not see you as a leader anymore
  • See yourself as a manager of what God has committed into your hands
  • Learn to respect leaders
  • Nothing I have that is mine. I am just a manager for my Master.
  • I don’t want people to beg me for what is not mine
  • Do we still have people who know that they have powers but cannot use them outside God?
  • We are just custodians and not the owners of God’s work
  • Take my life and let it be useful for you

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